~ ~ ~ ~ Saturday and Sunday ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Free Festival Activities ~ ~ ~

Fortune Fairy Ducks
Trinket Trading Shop
   (Bring something small to swap: a treasure, a gem, perhaps a small toy)
Feed the Recycling Troll
Tattoos of the Wee Folk
Do-It-Yourself Pixie Face Painting
Fairy Foto Opportunities
Dress ups:
    for Fairies, Elves, Pixies, Pirates and Knights
Mine for Gem Blessing Stones
Create Your Own Magical Pot Pourri
Enchanting Ivy Halos
Nature Leaf Rubbings
Gem Blessings
God's Eye Creations
Make-a-Wish/Prayer Flags
And Bubbles, lots and lots of Bubbles

Plus Creative Crafts of the Wee Folk to make:
Please Note:
There are additional Fees for the Crafts in the Barn, Tent and Wizard Area
Craft Barn (Fees range from $4.00 - $10.00)
Paint and Decorate a Secret Box
Create Your Own Fairy Wand
Decorate Fairy Wings
Fairy Wear: Necklaces, Hair Barrettes, and Talisman Charms
Craft Tent ($3.00 each activity or 3 activities for $7.00)
Sand Art
Stained Glass Treasure Bottles
Bottle cap Magnets
Sculpty Fairy Picnic
Wizard Area
Amulet Pouch ($5.00)
Brooms ($10.00)
Wands ($5.00)
Beginner Wands (completed) ($10.00)